takuya seki

Orbray [TRAD]

2023, Akita, Japan


View from east


Minimal zoning

Precision machinery in use for a long time

View from southeast


Aerial view from southeast


Needle and rock

View toward entrance

Entrance space

Meeting space

Factory on first floor

Rationalized modeling

Ceilings and floors in the flow lines are painted blue.

Factory on second floor

Daily life in the factory

Like the lightning

Portrait of a Machine

Blue is their corporate color

Machines that have been used for decades.

Factory with natural light

Detail of the machine: pictorial arrangement

There is no boundary between the corridor and the work area.

Effects of mirrors


Podium-shaped lounge space

On break

Plants are also placed on the base.

Happy circle

The renovation raises the ceiling height only near the windows.

Ups and downs

Akita Mokko furniture is placed in cafeteria.

Smoking area behind the glass door

Some furniture is newly designed by Nikken Sekkei and Akita mokko

Detail of partition

Partition and table


Wall designed inspired by vinyl records

Detail of wall

Cafeteria in the evening

Night view on west

View from northwest

Aerial view from west