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Apartment Complex in Omori-machi 大森町の集合住宅
Seitaro Aso/Seitaro Aso Architecture, Niino Kensetsu
2023, Tokyo, Japan

Apartment Complex in Omori-machi

Seitaro Aso/Seitaro Aso Architecture
Niino Kensetsu
2023, Tokyo, Japan

Facade: strip walls of concrete

South elevation

Room 402: void

View from southeast

Staircase on third floor

Room 301: view toward corridor from dining/kitchen

Aerial view from southwest

Apartment on Omori-machi street


View toward entrance from bicycle parking

Bicycle parking


Staircase on forth floor

Room 402: upper floor

Room 402: north window on upper floor


Detail of parapet

Room 402: upper floor

Detail of window and wall

Room 402: staircase to lower floor

Room 402

Room 402: detail of staircase

Room 402: kitchen on lower floor

Staircase on second floor

Room 301

Room 301: south window angled against wall

Room 301: west window

Detail of window

Room 301: view toward south window from corridor

Room 301: bedroom


Detail of staircase

Handrail and staircase

Room 202: south window angled against wall
Window frame made from veneer is 400 mm wide

Room 202: view from terrace

View from southwest
Different widths of the strip walls make room
more open on upper floors

South window on ground floor

Ground floor: diagonal wall along the street

A boy chasing shadow

Omori-machi street in evening