takuya seki

Backyard of the farm

Yuki Sakata / anhelo de plantas
2022, Tokyo, Japan

Overall view from north

View through the taro field


Farmwork and architecture

View from east

Japanese white radishes

View from west: it rained yesterday.

Shop: view from east

Roof: transparent waterproof sheet and galvanized steel

Okra field

Opened walls:
load-bearing walls and double-opening doors
with wooden louvers

Farm equipment storage

Sweet peppers and nasturtiums

Harvested sweet potatoes

Detail of roof

Overall view from northeast

Indian spinach

View from east

Taro stems

Rhythm by tie beams, canes, and braces

Louvers and braces

View toward farm equipment storage from west

View through the okra field

Overall view from north

Detail of eaves

View toward fields from farm equipment storage

Rhythm by the door

Farmwork and architecture

Farm equipment

Evening view from northwest


Evening view from north

Night view from northeast